more  - MANETAS
  • 01/07/2021

    Blend Stone is a collection of stone-effect porcelain stoneware that offers more than meets the eye. By incorporating fragments that sink below the surface and combining mineral textures of rare beauty throughout the thickness of the ceramic slab, Blend Stone transcends the idea of verisimilitude by creating a new material. Composed of three graphic textures obtained from as many natural stones, Blend Stone adds rust-colored inclusions to the typical grain of Limestone and the halos of Pietra Piasentina overlaps dark segments and light and delicate veins.

    Available in 4 colours, 2 thicknesses (14 mm e 20 mm), 4 finishes and 6 formats, including two new large sizes (120x120 cm and 90x180 cm), Blend Stone is an elegant, technically high-performance and versatile collection that is ideal for both residential and commercial contexts, as well as for contemporary architecture and major public projects.

    Blend Stone offers a safe choice thanks to the exclusive Protect® technology, which guarantees powerful antibacterial protection 24 hours a day, even without sunlight, and that never loses its effectiveness because it is permanently integrated in the product.